Fix 26 - the Central 26th Street Neighborhood Coalition

Who we are

We are a neighborhood organization in San Francisco. Our neighborhood area centers on 26th Street, from 25th Street to the north to Cesar Chavez to the south, and from Guerrero Street to the west to Mission Street to the east, on the Mission District/Noe Valley (and District 8/District 9) border. Our membership includes over 100 residents and business owners.

Our Mission

We, the residents, families and merchants of "Fix 26", the Central 26th Street Neighborhood Coalition, will work together to create a safe, clean, and healthy environment in which to live, work and play. We wish to improve the pedestrian experience, foster pride in our diversity, and work to preserve the unique beauty and culture that makes the Mission so unique among San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

What's going on

For some years, most of our energy went to making the neighborhood less hospitable to criminals. That effort had some success.

Clean Streets is an organization that picks up litter and leaves from sidewalks in the Mission District. Some neighbors sponsor the blocks of Valencia near 26th and 26th near Valencia. Clean Streets does a good job, and we'll appreciate any additional sponsors in the area!


Meetings are currently held on an ad-hoc basis. Watch the mailing list to learn about future meetings.


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