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Meeting preparations

This page was written when we met regularly. We're keeping it around in case we get back in to that.

Before the previous month's meeting
  • Set the date and, if possible, the location.
  • Announce them at the previous month's meeting.
  • Add them to the home page.

Two weeks before the meeting

  • Choose a time and place for the coordinating committee meeting.
  • Add the CoCo meeting to the home page.
  • Mail group to invite them to the CoCo meeting.

One week before the meeting

  • Coordinating committee meets
  • Assign every task below this point on this list to someone.
Before the meeting
  • Write an agenda.
    • Share it to the CoCo for editing.
    • Link to it from the home page.
    • Print a copy for anyone who will lead or speak at part of the meeting.
    • If appropriate, print copies for other attendees.
  • Write a flyer.
    • Share it to the CoCo for editing.
    • Print copies.
    • Post in neighborhood businesses and, if appropriate, distribute to residences.
  • Post an event on NextDoor.

Approximately the Thursday before the meeting

  • Mail important people who are not members of our email list to let them know we're meeting. Currently Dave does this and has a list of addresses.

Approximately the Monday before the meeting

  • Mail the entire group to remind them of the meeting. Include a link to the agenda if appropriate.

During the meeting

  • Take minutes. Where possible, put a name next to every action item.

After the meeting

  • Update the home page to reflect that the meeting has taken place.
  • Circulate minutes to CoCo for editing.
  • Link to minutes from home page.
  • Mail the entire group with a link to the minutes.
  • Carry out action items.