Neighborhood watches

SF Safe is the organization which (among other things) oversees neighborhood watches in San Francisco. Fix 26 supports the establishment of neighborhood watches under SF Safe.

A neighborhood watch is essentially a contact list for a single city block. It allows neighbors to communicate quickly about issues on their block, among themselves and to city agencies.

Each neighborhood watch needs
  • two block captains, who recruit members, maintain the contact list and organize the required occasional meetings
  • at least one member from as many properties on the block as possible. If a property is a multi-unit building, it's ideal to have members from that building who live in units facing the adjoining streets and/or alleys.

If half of the properties on a block join a neighborhood watch, that block can get official neighborhood watch signs, which themselves are an effective deterrent.

Please get involved! Look for your block in the list below. To join your block's watch, fill out the form attached to this page and send it to the block captain. If there's only one block captain on your block, please consider becoming the second. If your block doesn't have a watch yet, please mail Dave (dave at schweisguth dot org) or Zoee (za at intersticearchitects dot com) and volunteer to be a block captain for your block.